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This mini-grant program will be implemented to expand farmer-led conservation demonstration efforts to all 12 SERA-46/HTF states and associated farmer-led organizations. Qualified organizations will compete for grants in the amount of up to $4,000. Awardees will be equipped with educational materials and evaluations to ensure that delivery and evaluation meet grant requirements. Four local farmer-led demonstration activities will be funded annually. All mini-grant recipients will be provided with a pre-developed survey, implementation of which is a requirement of all grant recipients, and all completed surveys will need to be included in a brief final report of activities. Each project period is one year.

  • Intent of funds/goals of awards:
    • Promote conservation delivery, adoption, and technologies to improve water quality in local watersheds across the Mississippi River Basin.
    • Encourage partnerships in conservation
    • Encourage farmer-led watershed leadership
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • At least one farmer participant
    • Able to enter into a contract with MSU
    • Appropriate fiscal management to accept funds, execute project, and submit expenditures to MSU
    • Agree to disseminate survey tool and submit evaluations to MSU
    • Agree to invite grant administrator to attend event
  • Examples of Allowable Activities:
    • Nonpoint source pollution mitigation activities
    • Landowner Field Days
    • Conservation Demonstration
    • Outreach and Education activities related to nutrient reduction
    • Farmer Round Table Discussions related to nutrient reduction strategies
  • Awardee Requirements:
    • Implementation and turning in evaluations
    • An expenditure report, including activities and accomplishments

The 2021-2022 mini-grant submission is closed.